Monday, March 30, 2009

8:56 pm...

At Outback Alabang..

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Good evening everyone! I've had a pretty tiring day. Well, at least I'm not locking myself into the chains of boredom, haha!

Earlier this morning, I attended my cousin's wedding at St. James Parish. Most of our relatives were there, save for my dad and mom, who were both in their offices during that time. Kriselle and Josh's with me. Actually, I invited Yuri to fill in for dad's reservation. Too bad he has to go to UE for his chorale audition. I understand him though. Afterwards, I gave a small treat for Kriselle and Josh at Outback Alabang, then due to Josh's demand and my desire to play Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion(hey, it's been a while!), we altogether went to Mall of Asia.

(It's also the first time that I drove my mom's car without permission, haha!)

We spent the rest of the afternoon having foodtrips, playing at arcades, picture taking and the like. I even taught Josh and Kriselle how to play Tekken, haha! Guess what? Josh has talent on it, haha!

Too bad L.A.(my other brother) wasn't there with us. He has to finish up some requirements at La Salle. I don't have a proper Tekken opponent because of that, sheesh, haha!

It was a tiring, but fun day to say the least. :)

Right now I am practicing 3D Studio MAX. God, it's so much difficult mastering this 3D animation engine, but hey a little dose of practice won't hurt right?

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Until then. Ciao!

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