Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So much for my wish...

Hoping smile..

Hai, so much for my own wish of being truly happy..

How I wish that I'll be able to find my one true prince..

So much for those wishes I guess. It's been a while since I broke up with Rei. For almost one year I was unable to get away from that lingering feeling- an evident sign of how traumatic our breakup was. It was so much painful to the extent that I thought of quitting all my dreams and ending my journey here.

Ironic as it seems, guess I am unable to do those things.

One at a time, all my wounds healed.

The past was sealed shut, giving way for me to search for happiness.

And now, I have found it.

In a form of an optimistic boy whose hopes have lead me to believe in that thing called love once more.

For a time, I was so happy..

I am glad being his Puffy...

Now, I want to wish for happiness again..

But as it seems to me, it'll be a little impossible for me to be able to take grasp of that wish of mine.

He loves someone else- that's a fact.

But still, even with that one undeniable fact, I can still feel how much I mean to him as his Puffy. I am contented already as one of his best friends..

No matter how bleak it may seem, I'll still hold on to my wish...



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