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Notebooks to save and crave for this 2009..

Alright, in this post I'll be discussing about some hot notebooks as of date. My last visit at SM North Edsa's Cyberzone showrooms prompted me to post something about them, given the fact that I was impressed by these digital notebooks and how they evolved alongside today's environment.

So, before I discuss those laptops of my choice, let us first discuss the latest trends on notebook technology.

Notebook computers of 2009 will have touchscreen interface and will also have sim card slots placed on them, enabling their users to connect to the internet with the use of just a sim card.

2009 will also usher in Intel's 2 new processors: the Atom N280 and the Medfield. Solar powered notebooks will also be rampant this year.

So there you have it. Now I'll be discussing 4 hot l
aptops as of date and why it is worth buying them.

1. MacBook Pro Unibody

Announced just recently, a new model for the MacBook Pro series will be released very soon. The Unibody MacBook Pro will have a sleeker design and adaptability than its previous iteration. All of its ports were shifted on its left side and the optical card reader was placed on its opposite side. The DVI port was replaced with a Mini DisplayPort receptacle. The FireWire Port 400 was removed as well, but the FireWire Port 800 remains for your convenience.

Here are the specifics for the Unibody MacBook Pro.

NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M GT 512Mo
Display: 17" glossy glass covered screen, 1920x1200 with LED backlighting
Hard Drive: 320GB Serial ATA at 5400/7200 rpm.
Processor: 2.66GHz/2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9550/T98
00 with 6 MB on-chip L2 cache
Memory: 4GB of 1066MHz PC3-8500 DDR3
SO-DIMM SDRAM (can be expanded to 8GB)

So there you go. It's a great choice for a notebo
ok I should say, but it has a hefty price. You'll need to work your butts off to buy this one.

2. Dell Inspiron Mini 10

This is actually not the Mini 10, but rather my very own Mini 9.

Alright, so I apologize if I'm unable to show a pic of the Mini 10. Nuff' with that. So the Inspiron Mini 10 was actually released last Thursday with a base price of $399. It is a netbook with a 10.1" screen, and was designed to fill in the gaps between the Mini 10 and the Mini 12. Dell actually used the moniker Mini 10 to show that its abundance of features deserves to be given a perfect rate of 10. As announced by Dell, it's going to have a TV Tuner and a HD feature which will be added on a future date.

Now, let's have its known specifics as of date.

Display: 10.1" LCD with 1024x576 screen resolution and 1280x720 HD Widescreen resolution
Processor: Intel Atom Z520/Z530
Known Ports: HDMI Port
Extra Feature: Integrated TV Tuner

3. Dell Latitude XT2

Announced recently, Dell will launch its updated version of its Latitude Touch-Tablet convertible models. Dubbed as the XT2, it will be having a capacitive touch screen interface, which can also be used with an EM stylus and comes loaded with Bluetooth 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Here are its other specs.

Display: 12.1" 1280x800 capacitive touch screen interface
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor running at 1.2/1.4GHz
Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, Gigabit Eth
Known Ports: eSATA port, FireWire Port 400/800, VGA out port and two USB ports

I am hoping that this latest iteration of the XT series will be able to solve the problems and the flaws exhibited by the previous Latitude models. Knowing Dell, I am sure they have come up with something to combat these issues.

4. Acer Aspire One 10" Model
Alright, here's the final laptop in this post's list: the Acer Aspire 10" model. As the moniker suggests, it has a 10 inch screen with updated specifics and features, and is running with Windows XP/VIsta, although it is not known if a Linux Edition will be offered.

Let's have a rundown of its specifics.

Display: 10" with 1024x600 screen resolution
Processor: 1.6GHz Intel Atom Processor
Hard Drive: 160GB Hard Disk Drive
Known Ports: SDHC Slot, Bluetooth receiver, optional 3G/WiMax ports and 3 additional USB ports

Its only downside is its wireless connection. Some users have complained that they're having a hard time working out with its connectivity. Guess Acer has to solve this issue out, but nonetheless it is a worth purchase for your penny.

And there you have it. My mini-review about some of the hottest notebook computers as of date. Hope I am able to help you out with regards to these latest notebook models. Before you log-out, please do make sure you'll subscribe to my feeds or follow my blog. Until then!

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  1. -note to my dear readers-

    If you may notice, Unibody MacBook Pro's the only digi.notebook on the list to have a completely detailed rundown on its specs, unlike the other three that I have mentioned. It is because Apple Inc.'s kind enough to reveal its capabilities early on to the public, unlike with other companies who keep their upcoming products' specs vague as of now.