Saturday, February 7, 2009

Four of a Kind...

They are my closest friends. Love them or hate them, it'll be always the same whenever they're around.

Here we go again. I can't help but reminisce all the good times the four of us had together back then. It suddenly flashed back to me like a string of polaroids after the four of us together with our other close friends celebrated Yuri's 18th birthday yesterday. It was a fun day. Being with them again was like eternity.

It was all but priceless.

The only thing now perhaps that hinders those chances of being with each other's company was of course, the pressures of college life.

But I have to admit it: it does not feel like all of us have that certain distance.

Indeed I have to agree with Yuri's statement: Friends are FRIENDS no matter what.

So, let me describe my three closest friends.

Yuri: The silent, but optimistic leader of the bunch. He was our big brother, because of how he cares and treats us. He's smart, deep and loyal. He also loves to hang-out very often. Like me, he is also a Tekken fan and a techie guy. What I love about Yuri is his capacity to look out for an extra time for his friends and loved ones, no
matter how crazy and hectic his schedule could be. Let us not forget the fact that this guy's overly-versatile at almost anything.

Ian: Mr. Smiling Face I should say. He loves to crack out jokes and cheer us up everytime we're in trouble. He's your smart and kind boy next door. It's no doubt why a lot of girls are crushing over this guy. He loves to strut his stuff, but don't get him wrong: he is a 2nd yr. MAS regular at Mapua, something he does not brag about. H
e is also a loyal friend.

Leanne: The music lover. She was my best friend since we're kids. She was probably my deepest friend. She has this exceptional musical talent, which moved her to study music and become a musician just like her aunt. She was sweet, sincere and sensitive. Oh, let us not forget the fact that she and Ian were fraternal twins. :)

No matter how they'll be, I'll always love them. Indeed, a friend would always be a friend.


  1. Katouch naman Puffy. :) Love this post!

  2. Hihi. It's for the three of you. Hope u like it. :)