Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gadgets and techie bits to crave for this 2009.. :)

Now, let's have a quick capture of what to crave for inside the techie world this 2009:

1. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3

Sony just unveiled a new Wi-Fi enabled DigiCam- the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3. This cam features a built-in web browser, allowing the user to connect to any Wi-Fi network. Sony is also setting up a web-portal for use with this device, which will let users upload directly to a number of websites, including Picasa, Youtube, mySpace and Shutterfly and send email notifications when you upload.

This new cam also comes in with high-res 921,000 3.5 LCD, built-in 4GB memory, 10 megapixel sensor and 4x zoom.

2. Lenovo H200

Lenovo launched its first nettop- the Lenovo H200 desktop. The H200 is Lenovo's first desktop to utilize the low power Intel Atom processor. It runs using 1.6Ghz Intel Atom rocessor with 512KB of cache, can have up to 2GB of RAM and comes with Windows Vista Home Basic. It will also include up to 160GB of hard drive storage, a DVD-R/W drive and Intel integrated graphics controllers.

Additionally, the H200 desktop features a fan-less design, helping make it Lenovo's quietest consumer design.

3. Google Android-powered phones

Just lately, there was this hype about Google's upcoming OS- the Android. To explain things in a nutshell, Android is an OS made by Google currently supported by 47 members of the Open Handset Alliance, which include HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and more. With this huge alliance, I am pretty much sure that these upcoming Android-phones will feature a myriad of functions unseen among previous releases of smartphones.

The first phone to use the Android OS is the HTC Dream. It has an intuitive mini-keyboard, a sensitive touch-screen monitor, a 3.2 megapixel came
ra with Auto Focus, GPS function, a built-in Web Browser powered by WebKit and up to 32GB memory capacity.

Now that's sure a treat for techie guys out there. It's just that I am not that comfy with the mini-keyboard placed upon the phone. Or it's just me?
Anyway, we have to wait for the HTC dream to be fully released in Asia this first quarter of 2009.

4. The "Wi-Max"

So, let's now talk about the very-much hyped Wi-Max. Short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, it's a telecommunications technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-multipoint links to portable and fully mobile internet access. The technology provides up to 72 Mbit/s symmetric broadband speed without the need for cables. The technology is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard (also called Broadband Wireless Access). The name "WiMAX" was created by the WiMAX Forum, which was formed in June 2001 to promote conformity and interoperability of the standard. The forum describes WiMAX as "a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL".

It is also said that Wi-Max will provide a faster and much-wider reach than that of GPRS and Wi-Fi networks. For sure, it's gonna be a treat for net-holics out there.

So, that's about it for me. Hope that I'm able to at least give you an idea of what's hot upon the techie world. So til' then, and oh before you log-out make sure that you'll follow my blog. Ciao!

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