Sunday, February 22, 2009

And so...

It's quite peculiar isn't it that a girl like me would love these kinds of stuff: playing video games, collecting gadgets, being techie and so forth.

Yah, I know. These kinds of stuff exist only within a guy's world.

But the fact is, isn't these things created for almost everyone?

I just got irritated kasi by this colleague of mine who criticized my craving for these things. Who would thought that a talented and smart girl-next-door like me would like these kinds of stuff?

He even told me that I'm geeky daw because of the things that I know. Guess being an adept IT student with sufficient techie knowledge has its cons, isn't it?

Well, for the love of it, let me tell you dear bloggers: every one of us have his/her own dibs on the things that he/she wants.

Liking something that's kind of weird or peculiar for your type does not necessarily mean that you're strange or something.

It's just that every one of us are unique in his/her own way.

Besides, all of us have this innate weirdness anyway, don't you think? Isn't it time we stop criticizing as such?

That's all that I have to say for now.. :)

PS: Thank you so much Puffy Yuri. Mwahh!


  1. Kudos sister!
    I completely agree with what you're saying here. After of all these years that women have progressed, men still think of us as those of the old days. Women who only know household works and nothing more. T_T

  2. I know sistah! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

    Hmm, but you know what? I'm glad that most of my guy friends weren't like that. They treat me the exact opposite as that of my dumb colleague inside our campus.