Saturday, February 7, 2009

iPhone gamers increasing..

iPhone users are about ten times more likely to download games for their phones than other smartphone users, according to a new ComScore report helpfully summarized by MacRumors: "32.4% of iPhone users have downloaded a game, compared to a market average of only 3.8% amongst other manufacturers. In all, iPhone users were responsible for 14% of all mobile game downloads last year."

Who had the bright idea to make gaming a cornerstone of the iPhone platform? Some credit must be given to Apple's head of iPhone software development, Scott Forstall, who reports directly to Steve Jobs and has an impressive team under him. Last year, Forstall showed the iPhone's game capability with a demo that let the user fly a Star Wars-style spacecraft by using the entire phone as a steering wheel, rather than pressing buttons or handling a joystick.

If that's the case, then it'll be all good for Apple, since almost 70% of all the techie guys out there are merely gamers-including me.

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