Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day!

Greeting you dads a Happy Fathers' Day!

A blessed Sunday everyone! Just wanna greet all of the dads out here a Happy Fathers' Day! :) You deserve this day for all the things that you have done for all of us.

Too bad my Dad's in Italy right now.. Yep, he left a week ago, and it's somehow saddening in my part. But hey, I guess it works for me. Let's just say that I'll be starting to learn how to do things on my own one step at a time..

Alright, enough with that. I have a couple of things to share with you. :)

Yes, I'm quite sure that you've heard or read about this somewhere. San Beda College got suspended for a week after some of its students got infected by the dreaded A(H1N1). It's kind of creepy to say the least, concerning the fact that I am a Bedan as well.

On a positive note, I'll be able to rest up just a bit more before tackling head on this new stage of my college life, plus the fact that I'm safe from the virus. However, we need to adjust to the given situation, and prepare for its consequence academic-wise and schedule-wise.

Oh well.. Let's just hope that this outbreak would end real soon..

Let's talk about waivers shall we?

I was thinking about the entire idea of these waivers and why I hated them in the first place. Weird isn't it? But I have a variety of reasons why.

Here's my thing: These waivers are freakin' sick. They are mainly created for the sole purpose of preventing these institutions from being responsible whatsoever for any incidents or problems that may occur on a certain event or field work.

Of course, these incidents could bring a lot of hassle to these companies and schools. It may bring them somehow to a state of controversy, or even postpone some plans of theirs. However, this eliminates any chance for them to answer any obligations to others concerning these unexpected incidents, thus making it unfair for those who were harmed by it.

True enough, isn't it?

So let me ask everyone in particular: What's your view regarding these waivers?

I miss posting techie reviews here in my blog. Let's just say that I have lost a great deal of time testing my new toys and searching for some great techie stuff out there.

Well guess what? I'll be doing a baker's dozen of techie reviews and bits this week. I'll be making it up for my short absence lately.

So, watch out for that! :)

That's it for today. Once again, Happy Fathers' Day everyone!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Heiya! 1st day of Classes!

Sunset at Harbour Drive :) I took this one via my Nikon D40X

Good evening fellow bloggers! It's been a while yet again. I can barely touch my blog lately, due to the fact that I maximized my remaining vacation days, and believe me, I'll be unable to get my hands on it like the usual. It's the start of a brand new school year, and boy, I can feel the pressure already.

Nah.. Who's joking? Haha! :) Of course I can do it. Ako pa!

Let's fire away shall we? I have a lot of things to share to you.

It was a big win for LA Lakers earlier this morning. Yep, as everyone have predicted, the boys from LA finished the race for the crown by making easy work of Orlando Magic. It was a one-sided match to say the least. Guess they have decided not to let their counterparts attack any possible openings by defeating them in a quick manner- as comparable to a gentleman pistol duel. The final score is 99-89.

At last, the Lakers have regained their rightful spot at the throne. The champ is now at LA.

Congratulations to Phil Jackson, Finals MVP Kobe Bryant and the rest of the boys of LA. You deserve it. :)

Guess this ends my NBA rundowns. See you next season fellow bloggers!

As of late, the A-H1N1 threat's continuing on its rampage, leaving 150 cases on its trail, with the latest 3 being Mapua Makati students.


Actually, I just received that news from a friend of mine studying at Mapua Intra, saying that his close friend from Makati visited him telling him that their classes were suspended for 10 days.

Boy.. Would these students learn how to prevent trouble? Man, they caused a lot of problems for the academic flow of the said campus.

Let's just hope for the best..

So how was my first day? Well, it was fine, and equally boring to say the least.

Here's what caught my attention: the booming number of new students on our campus. Boy, I'm telling you, that would irritate you.

The flow of these new students was outrageous. We were unable to do our usual tambay sessions, plus the fact that most of these studs were showy bastards. Man, I hate them. Yah, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Because of that, I left San Beda after my last class in a hurriedly motion. I just want to get a breather from all these at home.

I dunno. The numbers weren't like these before. Hmm...

Well, I gotta place a bet on this: the numbers will decrease for next term.. Big time.

Trust me on that.

That's it for today. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello Hello Hello!

With Joanne..

Hei! It's nice to be back again. I've been dormant for a couple of days, I flew kasi to Davao to enjoy- perhaps -the last days of my vacation. And yeah, as you can see, my hair's kinda long again, haha!

Let's take this opportunity to talk about a lot of things shall we?

So many things have happened, politics and health-wise this week. The Dacer murder case moved in to a frantic level, AH1N1's number of victims continued to increase and the ignition of the Constitutional Assembly which caused the ire of most Filipinos, most notably those who are against GMA and her allies.

My... Things have gotten worse I believe since I left Manila.

I just hope that things would turn out fine. It's getting out of hand folks, and perhaps the only way that we can do is to pray for them.

Permit me to give my own take regarding the Con-Ass.

As you see, I don't think we need this crap at this moment. It was obviously a scam meant for GMA and her allies to stay in power. A diversion created to prevent any further complications regarding the other issues that they need to answer.

Instead of tackling this issue, why don't they attune their sights upon other important issues, such as education, health matters, the AH1N1 threat and the like? God, they waste their time in congress by discussing this Con-Ass BS with their suede suits and ridiculously-groomed hair.

For what it is worth, what we need is a ladderized solution to all of our problems, not this shit.

Oh boy..

Yeah, I know. Orlando Magic suffered a humiliating loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers during the first two games of the NBA Finals.

Let me give some noticeable factors which contributed to their apparent loss:
1. The Lakers are forcing Dwight Howard to do some rigid work inside the court, forcing Orlando to reveal their openings.
2. The Lakers are more experienced when it comes to playing a championship game, plus the fact that they can adapt to various conditions of the ballgame.
3. Orlando's reliance on perimeter shooting could provide them multiple losses.
4. The Lakers have a very effective defense. Unlike the Cavs, they are utilizing their one-on-one strategy to full use to enable them from intercepting other attacks.
5. Kobe Bryant is not Lebron James- he has better moves, intelligent attacks and a wide array of teammates he can rely upon.

Well, based on their game earlier, it would seem that Stan Van Gundy will make some adjustments with regards to Orlando, now that they have experienced first-hand how strong LA could be.

That's it for today's post. See you next time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Third of June..

A macro pic of a flower at Tagaytay. :)

Current Mood: Just fine, worried about school..
Song Playing: Mad World by Adam Lambert

Good evening fellas! Yep, that's a sample pic of mine taken using my new Nikon D40x. I am not that contented with my pics as of now, but there's a lot of room for improvement, isn't it? After all, I've just begun embracing the art of photography.

Anyway, it's been raining like crazy lately, and it's quite annoying to say the least. Actually it's one of my worries regarding school- the frenzy rain, the brewing traffic, new faces and subjects and a lot more.

Just asking: is there any typhoon brewing here in the Philippines?

Let's discuss some other things, shall we?

22 victims, with 32 currently under observation and the latest victim being a La Salle student.

That's the present count as of late regarding the status of the A-H1N1 virus here in our country. My, the numbers are rapidly increasing each day.

I asked myself: Do we still have to consider ourselves from this threat?

The answer, is a blatant NO.

Apparently, we need to actuate pre-emptive measures to prevent ourselves from catching the virus. Establishments must, at least, try to have some initiatives in answer to the growing toll of A-H1N1's victims. If you can get a vaccine at Mercury Drug, then do so, just to ensure safety for you and your entire family, or probably, your whole community as well.

Boy.. It's starting to get creepy..

Let's have a quick lowdown of one of this year's contending teams for the NBA Finals. Yep, I'll be doing these lowdowns till' tomorrow.

Let's start with LA's most celebrated cagers: the Los Angeles Lakers.

The LA Lakers are known for making decisive plays throughout their games, plus their ability to pull up different plays, thanks to their current roster's lineup and the guidance of their surrogate mentor Phil Jackson.

Since their last Finals appearance in 2004, the LA Lakers went on a downspiral, causing Kobe Bryant to consider retiring from the team. But after acquiring a new lineup and support group for Kobe, the Lakers once again proved that they're set to dominate NBA once more.

Let's discuss the team's most notable players:

Kobe Bryant, the team captain, was known for his ability to render penetrating attacks inside the court and to pull up decisive last minute plays for the team. Before, he was a lone gunner, being relied for by most of his teammates. Thanks to his newest comrades, Kobe's strength lately was maximized to his fullest.

Trevor Ariza, one of the Lakers' newest and most powerful assets. He is able to put down rim-shocking attacks and penetrate perimeter shots. He is also an effective team player, having impressive ball-handling skills that lead the team unto producing successive points. Probably he is one of the hottest rookies for this season.

Pau Gasol, the team's resident low post attacker. He is known for his low-post attacks and rebounding power. He also has the strengths and the intellect to match it up against Magic's Dwight Howard. One of the Lakers' winning assets.

Chances are, this will be a close fight, considering the fact that both of these teams share the same fundamental strengths that brought them into this final stage. Whoever wins, I am sure this year's championship series will be a classic.

I was about to cry earlier this morning. I'm on my way to San Beda to enroll, only to experience the worst traffic congestion I've ever seen in my entire life. My friends told me that most of the good sections for our subjects were getting closed, causing me to worry that much for my units this term. I'm almost about to tear myself up inside my car. It's a good thing they asked for my student number- they fixed my schedule and waited for me till' afternoon.

Thank God... I love my friends. :)

Alright, I'll be having another post later on, so keep it locked in. :)