Monday, June 15, 2009

Heiya! 1st day of Classes!

Sunset at Harbour Drive :) I took this one via my Nikon D40X

Good evening fellow bloggers! It's been a while yet again. I can barely touch my blog lately, due to the fact that I maximized my remaining vacation days, and believe me, I'll be unable to get my hands on it like the usual. It's the start of a brand new school year, and boy, I can feel the pressure already.

Nah.. Who's joking? Haha! :) Of course I can do it. Ako pa!

Let's fire away shall we? I have a lot of things to share to you.

It was a big win for LA Lakers earlier this morning. Yep, as everyone have predicted, the boys from LA finished the race for the crown by making easy work of Orlando Magic. It was a one-sided match to say the least. Guess they have decided not to let their counterparts attack any possible openings by defeating them in a quick manner- as comparable to a gentleman pistol duel. The final score is 99-89.

At last, the Lakers have regained their rightful spot at the throne. The champ is now at LA.

Congratulations to Phil Jackson, Finals MVP Kobe Bryant and the rest of the boys of LA. You deserve it. :)

Guess this ends my NBA rundowns. See you next season fellow bloggers!

As of late, the A-H1N1 threat's continuing on its rampage, leaving 150 cases on its trail, with the latest 3 being Mapua Makati students.


Actually, I just received that news from a friend of mine studying at Mapua Intra, saying that his close friend from Makati visited him telling him that their classes were suspended for 10 days.

Boy.. Would these students learn how to prevent trouble? Man, they caused a lot of problems for the academic flow of the said campus.

Let's just hope for the best..

So how was my first day? Well, it was fine, and equally boring to say the least.

Here's what caught my attention: the booming number of new students on our campus. Boy, I'm telling you, that would irritate you.

The flow of these new students was outrageous. We were unable to do our usual tambay sessions, plus the fact that most of these studs were showy bastards. Man, I hate them. Yah, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Because of that, I left San Beda after my last class in a hurriedly motion. I just want to get a breather from all these at home.

I dunno. The numbers weren't like these before. Hmm...

Well, I gotta place a bet on this: the numbers will decrease for next term.. Big time.

Trust me on that.

That's it for today. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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  1. i miss first day of school too.

    too bad i can't go back to college. hehe/