Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello Hello Hello!

With Joanne..

Hei! It's nice to be back again. I've been dormant for a couple of days, I flew kasi to Davao to enjoy- perhaps -the last days of my vacation. And yeah, as you can see, my hair's kinda long again, haha!

Let's take this opportunity to talk about a lot of things shall we?

So many things have happened, politics and health-wise this week. The Dacer murder case moved in to a frantic level, AH1N1's number of victims continued to increase and the ignition of the Constitutional Assembly which caused the ire of most Filipinos, most notably those who are against GMA and her allies.

My... Things have gotten worse I believe since I left Manila.

I just hope that things would turn out fine. It's getting out of hand folks, and perhaps the only way that we can do is to pray for them.

Permit me to give my own take regarding the Con-Ass.

As you see, I don't think we need this crap at this moment. It was obviously a scam meant for GMA and her allies to stay in power. A diversion created to prevent any further complications regarding the other issues that they need to answer.

Instead of tackling this issue, why don't they attune their sights upon other important issues, such as education, health matters, the AH1N1 threat and the like? God, they waste their time in congress by discussing this Con-Ass BS with their suede suits and ridiculously-groomed hair.

For what it is worth, what we need is a ladderized solution to all of our problems, not this shit.

Oh boy..

Yeah, I know. Orlando Magic suffered a humiliating loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers during the first two games of the NBA Finals.

Let me give some noticeable factors which contributed to their apparent loss:
1. The Lakers are forcing Dwight Howard to do some rigid work inside the court, forcing Orlando to reveal their openings.
2. The Lakers are more experienced when it comes to playing a championship game, plus the fact that they can adapt to various conditions of the ballgame.
3. Orlando's reliance on perimeter shooting could provide them multiple losses.
4. The Lakers have a very effective defense. Unlike the Cavs, they are utilizing their one-on-one strategy to full use to enable them from intercepting other attacks.
5. Kobe Bryant is not Lebron James- he has better moves, intelligent attacks and a wide array of teammates he can rely upon.

Well, based on their game earlier, it would seem that Stan Van Gundy will make some adjustments with regards to Orlando, now that they have experienced first-hand how strong LA could be.

That's it for today's post. See you next time!


  1. Kaya pala nawala, nasa Davao...Pasalubong kong durian!!! Hehehe sa davao yun dba?

    Eto masasabi ni Jim Paredes sa CON ASS

    Maligayang pagbabalik :)

  2. hi!hi!hi!
    things happened beyond our control, kundi nasa control ni GMA..hehehe
    sana everything ends well sa atin bansa...
    to God be the glory.

    maligayang pagbalik sa iyo :-)

  3. Pede din po ba maki-hingi ng durian?

    Sabi nga sa awitin ng isang kilalang banda sa Pinas --> Penge naman ako nyan