Monday, January 12, 2009

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Just wanna give you an up-close look to the newest game in the Final Fantasy franchise that will commemorate its 20th year in the business.

Yep, I am talking about Dissidia: Final Fantasy which
would be released for the Playstation Portable this 2009.

The game can be classified as a RPG, since it uses progressive controls, and a fighting game, as well mainly because of the way the battles were illustrated and iterated for the game. The story goes like this: two entities of good and evil(Cosmos and Chaos) waged war on each other, causing the order of the multiverse to collapse. When Chaos' army of villains began overwhelming the peace of the universes, Cosmos recruits a couple of heroes from the diff. Final Fantasy universes in order to counter the villains and defeat Chaos to restore the order of the multiverse.

Here are the diff. characters that will be present for the game:

Hero Original game Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Warrior of Light Final Fantasy Toshihiko Seki TBA
Firion Final Fantasy II Hikaru Midorikawa TBA
Onion Knight Final Fantasy III Jun Fukuyama TBA
Cecil Harvey Final Fantasy IV Shizuma Hodoshima TBA
Bartz Klauser Final Fantasy V Sōichirō Hoshi TBA
Terra Branford Final Fantasy VI Yukari Fukui TBA
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII Takahiro Sakurai TBA
Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy VIII Hideo Ishikawa TBA
Zidane Tribal Final Fantasy IX Romi Paku TBA
Tidus Final Fantasy X Masakazu Morita TBA
Shantotto Final Fantasy XI Megumi Hayashibara TBA
Villain Original game Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Garland Final Fantasy Kenji Utsumi TBA
Emperor Final Fantasy II Kenyuu Horiuchi TBA
Cloud of Darkness Final Fantasy III Masako Ikeda TBA
Golbez Final Fantasy IV Takeshi Kaga TBA
Exdeath Final Fantasy V Tarō Ishida TBA
Kefka Palazzo Final Fantasy VI Shigeru Chiba TBA
Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII Toshiyuki Morikawa TBA
Ultimecia Final Fantasy VIII Atsuko Tanaka TBA
Kuja Final Fantasy IX Akira Ishida TBA
Jecht Final Fantasy X Masuo Amada TBA
Gabranth Final Fantasy XII Akio Ohtsuka TBA

Each character will have a corresponding EX form or second form. Like for example, Sephiroth can transform into his One-winged Angel appearance, while Cloud can unlock his appearance on Advent Children.

There will be 50 summons on the game, each with a different effect and use. They can be accessed with the use of summon stones.The story will be narrated within the perspective of the Cid of Final Fantasy I.

So, that's about it for now. I'll give you a review once I get my hands on it. Alright? Anyway, thanks to and for the info.