Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cool Friday.. :)

Let me just sum up everything that has occurred yesterday. It was a cool day, albeit tiring. But I don't even have any regrets. I've had fun with the person I'm with yesterday. And yes, it was all great.

So, let me start telling what happened.

It was a dreary, cold Friday morning. I am aware that we don't have any classes that day, but still I have to go to San Beda that morning, so that I'll be able to retrieve my ASP book from my classmate. She borrowed that kasi since last week, and I have to get it because we have a project to do, and I direly need a reference. I really forced myself to wake up that early, even with the fact that I just slept for an hour. Yah, I slept at about 4:30 am. I'm an insomniac lately so sue me for that.

So, I quickly dressed myself and went to school hurriedly to avoid the traffic. I met my classmate probably an hour after my arrival at Recto avenue.

What's quite noticeable is the big influx of Quiapo devotees waiting ang roaming around Recto and Carriedo. Most of them were adults, while some kids prompted themselves to join the scuffle as well.

So after leaving my classmate, my friend Yuri asked me to join him at MoA. Actually, I don't really have the proper mood to go to such places that day, given the fact that I want my sleep so much.

But yet I decided to join him. I kind of miss his company kasi. Just for the sake of keeping up with one of my best friends and having a good time with him.

Before making it upon Buendia, I have to deal with the crowded LRT train that I rode on. God, it's irritating. But then, I have to bear with that, since it's the only way I know to avoid the traffic scuffle being cause by the preparations for the Black Nazarene's procession.

After making it upon Buendia after half an hour, I met up na with Yuri. I kinda liked his new hair, hehe.. But it's still the same person that I appreciated for all these years.

We've had fun with each other. As usual, we did some trippings while on MoA. The normal things that we usually do when we're together. The kulitan and vanity moments, the foodtrips and so much more.

What's more enjoying is our conversation after such a long time. He has matured a bit, and I like that. That made me feel so comfortable with him. Now, I know why Leanne loves this guy, haha!

The most exciting part actually was when we played Tekken 6 at Powerstation. We challenged some players there and we even fought each other. I won the first fight but he bounced back after I claimed my 6th win. Afterwards, both of us played when Yuri arrived at the final stage. God, we were screaming there because of so much excitement, haha! It was great.

Thanks Yuri for inviting me out.. :) I'll never forget this day.

It was a cool Friday.. I have no regrets..

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